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Live in the painter's workshop. 
There is plenty of room for three guests here. Single bed, double bed, soft seating, dining area and equipped kitchen, all in an open floor plan, 47 square meters. Of course you have your own bathroom. On warm days, the patio under the Tilia cordata tree (small leaved linden) is lovely. We have carefully decorated the accommodation with memories, history and future. We want you to feel relaxed and filled with energy just like we did the first time we stepped into the painter’s workshop. The wall paint is pigmented from the master painter's own green umber that we found in one of the large wooden barrels.

The history of the painter’s workshop

On our plot there were originally three houses, a residential building, a shed (for the pig, privy and woodshed) and a house for the workshop where Händel Svedberg had his sheet metal warehouse. Händel built the houses in the 1920s when he moved here with his family. Conny Kindblom lived on the neighboring plot with his wife Frida. Conny was a master painter and in his workshop he stored pigments and oils. He made his own paint and painted outdoors as well as grain painting indoors. On the gable of the workshop, the sports association put up their lineups, in this way Conny's workshop became something of a meeting place, the workshop which today is ”Målarverkstan” (”the painter's workshop”), Lilla Hotellet.

From painting workshop to ”Lilla Hotellet"

At the end of the 1980s, Conny's painting workshop was to be demolished. We thought the house was beautiful and were allowed to move it to our plot. It turned out to be in too bad a condition for a move, but we were able to make use of color pigments, stencils and the old single windows, which we carefully renovated. In summer, the single glass invites the chirping of birds and we get a natural cooling during the night. We had internal windows made that in autumn retain the heat and quiets the outside noise, it gives rest and peace.

We built the house according to the same dimensions and appearance as far as possible. We made the front door according to the original dimensions and we placed the windows in the same position as in the old workshop

In 2007 our work continued to complete the interior of the house.

We were careful with the house's layout, choice of materials and color scheme. Solid wood for walls, floors and all fixed furnishings. Tempera paint and linseed oil paint as well as tiles and clinker in the bathroom and kitchen. Sleeping comfort is important. We have chosen winter blankets in wool and summer blankets in eco-cotton wadding, sheets in cotton or linen that we hand mangle in grandma's old mangle, and we use eco-friendly cleaning products. In the old painting workshop, we found large paint barrels with pigments that we could use to pigment the tempera paint. For the windows and kitchen cabinets, we chose Ottosson's paint shop's beautiful wheat grey. We have used environmentally friendly materials and a lot of recycled materials that we have carefully refined for the interior decoration. Recycling gives you history and protects our environment, and it also makes it unique.

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