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Here you can live in a separate house on the farm, next to the home of artist Lena Björn, right in the center of Tranemo but still close to nature and culture. With environmentally friendly materials and with great care, we have prepared accommodation for one to three persons, where we hope you will enjoy yourself. Warm welcome!

(Preparation is currently underway for what will become Lilla Hotellet's new addition, the "Bleckslageriet". (Opens the first of May 2023)

On our plot there were originally three houses, a residential building, a shed (for the pig, privy and woodshed) and a house for the workshop where Händel Svedberg had his sheet metal warehouse.

Händel built the houses in the 1920s when he moved here with his family. Conny Kindblom lived on the neighboring plot with his wife Frida. Conny was a master painter and in his workshop he stored pigments and oils. He made his own paint and painted outdoors as well as grain painting indoors. On the gable of the workshop, the sports association put up their lineups, in this way Conny's workshop became something of a meeting place, the workshop which today is ”Målarverkstan” (”the painter's workshop”), Lilla Hotellet.

Only 150 meters from the accommodation is the bus station, as well as the ”Sjuhäradrundan” (150 km cycle path) and the ”Ätradalsleden” (200 km cycle path). If you come in an electric car, there are charging stations within walking distance.

We are happy to advise you on activities in our vicinity in terms of culture and nature in both winter and summer and lend you bicycles so that you can easily discover and get to nearby places. Feel free to have a look at the "To do" tab.



Nice comments from guests make us happy:

"A little unknown gem in easternmost Västra Götaland"

“I stay in hotels so much that I've started to hate it. But this was NOT like staying in a hotel.

It felt like coming home. Thanks!"

“We love coming here to your beautiful, generous home every summer, -a lovely tradition!”

“From one designer to another, your artistic touch here is perfect!”

“Oh… Art that sets thoughts in motion. A room that initiates calm. I don't want to go to work at all.

I want to stay here!”

“Suddenly it happened, in Tranemo! How beautiful it can be in an old painting workshop.

Quality, care and genius. Exquisite!!! is the word.”

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