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The tinsmith's workshop

 Live in the tinsmith's workshop. Here we want to try to recreate the feeling from the old tin warehouse where Händel struck many blows on the tin plate for the manufacture of sieves, funnels, milk pails... An accommodation for 1-2 guests. A small kitchenette for those who want to make their own breakfast and/or cook simpler meals. Dining area, seating furniture and a generous bathroom with underfloor heating and heated towel rail. ...and a small patio of your own. We open the gates May1, welcome!

The tinsmith's history

In the residential building on the farm lived Händel Svedberg, who originally came from Dalstorp where he worked for his father as a tinsmith. Händel was born in 1893 and in 1920 he moved to Tranemo with his wife Ebba, they eventually became a large family with eight children. In the workshop, Händel made objects in tin, objects such as porters (a bag used by botanists), kerosene jugs, strainers, funnels and milk pails. The tin plate was imported from England and the USA. For 3 liter milk pails in the 1940s, Händel received SEK 6 per dozen, they produced 100 dozen milk bottles per week.

Another major item was the screen buckets used in milking. The screen had a fold-out at the top so that you could comfortably hold the bucket between your legs. In order to produce this extension, over 3000 blows with the hammer were required, so the price of SEK 18 per dozen was certainly justified. During the war it became difficult to obtain material. From having been 4-5 men, eventually only Händel remained. Around 1965 Händel shut down his business.

A brother of Händel later started the well-known ”Svedbergs" in Dalstorp, famous for their bathroom products.

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